Vitalvé International is established in 2019 after a client reached out to us if we could support him with his plans to start two dairy goat farms in Russia. Before that time Vitalvé helped and supported many farmers in the Netherlands. Currently our team supports and advises 40 entrepreneurs to get their companies to the next level. Feed is the starting point in this. What crops can an entrepreneur grow, harvest and store best? The quality of the roughage products forms the starting point of a balanced feed ration adapted for each specific group of animals. Vitalvé tries to make the best suiting combinations and adapts the ration constant based on the signals the animals give us. Besides the advice on nutrition we also advice and support entrepreneurs on various management topics from prevention of heat stress till completing the mineral bookkeeping.

Dairy goat farm 3.500 dairy goats

Vitalvé did the complete design process of this complex together with the entrepreneur. This entrepreneur also owns a second goat farm, this newly build complex can be seen as the improved version of the first farm. Some smart designed aspects are the placement of the water trough’s and the design of the compartments for the lambs till two months of age. Vitalvé did the search and negotiation for goats for this location based on the requirements set by the entrepreneur.

Dairy cow farm for 800 cows

This was a challenging project for Vitalvé, it took several years of consultation between the advisors of Vitalvé the entrepreneur and the local government to get a permit to execute this plan. The design of the complex is performed in cooperation between the entrepreneur and Vitalvé, where Vitalvé payed special attention to the routing of animals and employees within the complex and the ventilation in the barn. In autumn of 2019 the permit was granted and construction began, in summer 2020 the first cows will be milked at the new complex


Dairy goat farm 4.000 dairy goats

Vitalvé International was involved in the design process of this farm and supported the entrepreneur throughout the building process. Helped him selecting the best suiting seeds to grow fodder crops for the animals and designed work protocols for the local employees and management of the farm to support them in the daily activities.


Farm management support

Nutrition is the core business of Vitalvé, but the advisors of Vitalvé also assist you in the management of your farm. We do this for example by analyzing the milk production reports (MPR), and ask you trigger questions about the MPR. Furthermore we organize meetings with the veterinarian, the farm manager(s) and nutritionist of Vitalvé to discuss the past period and set goals for the coming period.

For young farm managers Vitalvé organizes 4 study days per year. Each time the group choses a different topic. The team of Vitalvé then makes a suiting one day program to discuss and learn about this topic.

Optimize nutrition

Vitalvé was established in 2017 and started with one nutritionist and one farm development specialist, now only three years later the team of Vitalvé consists out of three nutritionists and four supporting people with knowledge on various topics from farm management till bookkeeping. Vitalvé does not have its own production plant to produce the feed, but cooperates with two producers who take care of the production and distribution.

Staff training

Training of staff members is very important nowadays because of the constantly changing environment. The advisors of Vitalvé go to many farms and speak to a lot of people. When they see that several farmers, or their employees face the same problem then we organize a training or brainstorm session with these people to see if we, together, can find a solution. Besides these ‘single time’ trainings we also offer a multiple day course program for entrepreneurs, (new) farm managers and other employees.