Our Approach


Vitalvé International supports entrepreneurs who are active in the dairy goat or dairy cow sector or who want to become active in these sectors. We advise and support entrepreneurs from the frst sketch until the goats or cows are being milked at the new facility. We help you as entrepreneur with the design of the complex based on the conditions at location, keeping animal welfare and work effciency in mind. As independent company Vitalvé International strives to tell you the real story.

Did you think about:

  • Logistics and routing of animals, employees, and machines?
  • Relation between number of goats or cows you want to milk, the size of the waiting area and the milking parlor?
  • Direction of the wind, and the effect of this on the animals and the climate in the barn?
  • Which fodder crops you can grow and the relation of this to the feeding strategy?

We did, and are more than willing to advice you on these, and many more topics!

Vitalvé International offers advice and support on many topics for farm development projects as well as for farms which are already operational. Our expertise is on:


Farm management support

Companies which are already active in the dairy goat or dairy cow sector can also rely on our expertise. Vitalvé International can offer advice and support on nutrition and farm management in various ways and on many topics. When you have a question which is out of the scope of our team then we will consult field experts to make sure that you receive the best possible advice.

Support of the farm management by experienced and enthusiastic advisors is key in having a successful farm to our opinion, not only when everything is running smoothly, our advisors are also present during the weekend when ‘the shit hits the fans’. Together with you as client we try to find the best suiting solution for the problem, for both the short as the long term!

Services we offer:

  • Visit your company on a regular basis to evaluate the results and make adjustments to improve the technical and financial results
  • Monitor the performance of the animals with our own management tool the ‘VitalMonitor’
  • Offer support on management topics like:
    • Herd management from selection of animals to breed with till designing production groups
    • Feed management: which products can or cannot be matched to define a suitable feed ration? How many hectares need to be sown to ensure that there is enough feed for a whole year? We can answer these, and many more questions for you!
  • Staff management: training of employees on how to carry out various tasks. How many people are needed to get the work done in an efficient way?

More information about the trainings can be found here.



The Netherlands is worldwide known for their agricultural sector and high quality cows and goats. Vitalvé International can support you with the purchase of animals in the Netherlands and the export process to your farm. In consultation with you as client we make a list of requirements which the animals have to meet. Vitalvé International will search for the animals and support with the negotiation in the purchase process. We can take care for the entire export process which we carry out with our partner VAEX BV.


Services we offer:

  • Before shipment
    • Search and select the animals
    • Arranging quarantine and required certifcates for export
  • After sales servic
    • A specialist of Vitalvé International will stay at your farm for a week after arrival of the animals to offer support and advice
    • A goat specialist will come to help out, and advice, for two weeks during the first birth season.

Optimize nutrition

The team of Vitalvé International sees it as a challenge to match the products which are available into a suiting feed ration for your animals in different age and lactation stages. To our opinion it is best to define a feed ration and let the cows or goats tell us what they think. Based on the signals of the animals we adapt the feed ration till it is optimal.

For each of our clients we calculate different compound feeds matching the needs and want of the animals of that specific farmer at that specific time. A change in the roughage feed automatically leads to an adaption in the compound feed as well. Each group of animals get exactly what they need.

That makes us unique!

Ruminants are difficult animals to feed because of their complex digestive system, and the high production demands we ask from them. Goats form an extra challenge in this because they are very sensitive for changes in their diet. In the Netherlands Vitalvé calculates, and monitors the feed rations of 10% of all goats. The specialists of Vitalvé visit farms on regular basis so he can see how the cows or goats are behaving and performing. Next to that the animals are monitored on their performance via weekly updates of the farmer on health and production. This data is transferred into our own developed monitoring tool the ‘VitalMonitor’.

Unique VitalMonitor

The data from the VitalMonitor is used as guideline to see how each group of animals is performing. Because of the weekly monitoring we are able to spot changes in for example the production efficiency in an early stage. With the help of the VitalMonitor it is possible for us to monitor the performance of your animals, and make adaptations, while being in the Netherlands.