Vital Goat Academy

Trainings and courses

The Vital Goat Academy provides courses and trainings to people who want to start in the dairy goat sector, but also for people who want to gain more knowledge about a specific subject. Vitalvé owns several dairy goat and dairy cow farms in the Netherlands. The training center and lecture room are at one of our state of the art dairy goat farms. This ensures a good combination of theory and practice! After each presentation you go into the barn to see how the subject which is discussed works in real life, not only looking, but also try it yourself! The subjects of these courses are tailor made. Vitalvé International offers a large range of courses at their own farms in the Netherlands, in consultation with you as client we also offer courses and trainings at your farm. The courses will be given in Dutch, English or after consultation in Russian. It is possible to provide the courses in another language, but then a translator is required who speaks Dutch or English.

We offer a standard three day program in which you will learn the basics of dairy goat farming. People with more experience about dairy goats can participate the advanced courses that we offer.

Courses at the Vital Goat Academy

We divided our courses in two parts. The course Basics of dairy goat farming is developed for people who are new in the sector while the Advanced courses go more in depth, and basic knowledge about goats and dairy goat farming is required.

Training on location

Besides the trainings and courses which are provided at the Vital Goat Academy in the Netherlands it is also possible that the specialists of Vitalvé International visit your farm to host a course or training. These courses are always tailor made and adapted to your specific wishes and questions. Please contact us to see what we can do for you.


Coaching herd managers

At large scale farms it is often seen that the owner of the farm has a herd manager who is responsible for the daily management of the farm. Vitalvé International thinks it is extremely important to train and guide these people well so your farm will run as efficient and smooth as possible. Based on your wishes we make a custom program to train and learn your (future) farm manager everything he or she needs to know on how to manage a large scale dairy goat or cow farm.